3.2 Would you be interested in being actively engaged in preserving and presenting Slovenian Australian’s culinary heritage? Would you be interested to share your personal experiences about the food by photos, videos and recipes with others via the Internet?

Participant: It depends on how much time this would take and what sort of commitment would it require. From my background, my family is from [a name of the city]. Both of my parents grew up there, so at home we actually didn’t experience as much Slovenian food as some other families. My upbringing was a lot of Yugoslavian, Serbian, lots of Serbian food. Barbecues and tomato salads in summer with fetta cheese. That sort of thing was very Serbian I guess. We’ve experienced more Serbian dishes than Slovenian in the end. I wouldn’t be a good example to present Slovenian dishes. But I would help out if I could, if time allowed.

Participant: I would be more than happy to do that, of course if there would be interest.

Participant: I would.

Participant: I would because I would love Slovenia to be known about. I love it. I would love people to know more about Slovenia, because it is such a beautiful country, and especially the food, the culture. Food brings people together in Slovenia and I think that’s really important. I’d love to teach people how to cook recipes because some of the food is delicious and people need to know about it.

Participant: I’m probably not a very good candidate, because I’m not a very good cook. But to some extent I already do that sort of thing. When I feel nostalgic and I make something, because I’m not a very good cook, I feel extra proud if it’s successful. Then I take photos of it and put it on my blog. In essence I’m creating a digital trail of my cooking attempts.

Participant: No because I am not an Internet. I’m too old for it. If I need something [a name of the woman] she give me, write out or [a name of the woman], my daughter.

Participant: I’m not big on social media. I hardly use Facebook. Usually I don’t have time. I never thought about writing a blog or something, I’m not that kind of type. Probably if someone ask me. I tried to write some recipes and once I wanted to film how to make. Maybe if I was more involved, I would put something on, but I’m not that good cook that I don’t feel need to. Maybe if I was better at writing or cooking. I have a few dishes that I’m good at.

Participant: Definitely. That’s a good opportunity, especially what we are doing in Slovenian club, as there are some really good cooks and they know exactly how to prepare traditional Slovenian food. That could be a good promotion, especially on the multicultural festival. In our stall we can present traditional Slovenian food to other visitors.

Participant: I’m too shy for that [laughing]. As my niece would say I’m technically challenged [laughing] but it’s more the time factor.

Participant: Like sharing ideas? I would. With a blog or whatever.

Participant: If I had the time, yeah. Time permitting. Why not? That would be interesting. Time’s the biggest factor.

Participant: Yes, except that I don’t consider myself to be a very good cook. There are ladies, they love cooking and cooking is their life. I cook because I have to sometimes. There are times when I enjoy it but sometimes, “oh if I wouldn’t have to do that”. There are ladies they are really, really good and keen and I would let them do that.

Participant: People must express their self, so for me sure. Everybody can have a TV show. It’s very simple, even with one dish. People, show me what you have.

Participant: That would be very useful, and also very interesting. We have friends that, although they’re not Slovenes, they want to learn one of our recipes. I think it’s very useful, interesting for other nations and cultures as well.

Participant: I do that already through our Facebook page. When holidays come up there’ll be pictures of “potica” [potica cake] or different things and see what everybody else is commenting on. If they do that type of thing at home, trying to get them, encourage them to share their ideas as well. That could work in terms of that.

Participant: Yeah. On Facebook, there’s lots of people, they post photos of foods they make, and chefs. There could be a website like your website, more of those websites to post the different ingredients and stuff that you use for recipes. I think that would be really good, because people could be more interested in that.

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3.3 How important for you is it to spread the story of Slovenian food prepared by Slovenian Australians across Australia and elsewhere? Answers.

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