Anonymous Interviews

Focus group: Slovenian Australians (Slovenia-born and Australia-born); Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne residents; age 13 and more; both genders; different generations.

Topics of the interview:

1 Culinary heritage (see Questions and Answers);
2 Growing and sourcing food (see Questions and Answers);
3 Digital technologies for communicating culinary heritage (see Questions and Answers);
4 Connecting with other Slovenian Australians (see Questions and Answers);
5 Identity (see Questions and Answers);
6 Conclusion (participants’ ideas) (see Questions and Answers).

Total number of questions: 18.

18 people participated at the interviews: 13 women and 5 men with age range from 14 to 82. They came to Australia (or were born in Australia) between 1950’s and 2010’s. All of them were born in Slovenia or in Australia. All of them have both parents Slovenian, except one who is Australian (married to Slovenian) and one who’s mother is Serbian and father Serbian Slovenian.

All of the interviews were conducted in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne between 30 April and 14 June 2015.

The transcripts are edited in order to improve readability: most of the fillers (“like”, “I guess”, “I think”, “yeah”, “so”, etc. ), false starts, incomplete sentences and repetitions are removed. All exact names of the people, locations (cites) and time periods are removed in order to provide anonymity. Where possible, English translations are added to Slovenian words (dishes).

In order to receive spontaneous answers and to verify how well the participants recall certain dishes and commercial brands, questions were not provided in advance. The participants were informed only about the main topics: Slovenian Australians, Slovenian food in Australia and digital technologies to communicate culinary heritage. The participants were recruited through snowball sampling using researcher’s social network. Women were keener to participate as they were more interested in culinary topics. The participants were reminded that they were not obligated to answer any questions.

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This is a website of a research project exploring digital technologies for communicating the culinary heritage of Slovenian Australians in collaboration with the University of Canberra under the 2015 Endeavour Fellowship Programme (PDR).