Cooking with Computers: 1985 and 2015

A young Slovenian Australian about the importance of Internet for searching Slovenian recipes:
“[…] if you do not have grandparents that have all those cookbooks and stuff I do see the importance of Internet and social media which could get you the recipes that you need and show you how to cook it.”

…Digital technologies…Did you know that already in 1985, 30 years ago,  a Slovenian cooking software for ZX Spectrum Moja gospodinjska pomočnica  (Centralni zavod za napredek gospodinjstva and Radio Študent) showed you what to cook from the ingredients you have in the kitchen storage? However, the Honeywell Kitchen Computer from 1969 is recognised as one of the earliest attempts to use computers for cooking. “There is no evidence that any Kitchen Computer was ever sold.” (The Computer History Museum)

VIDEO: Tehnika ljudstvu, (Invida and RTV Slovenija, 2014), 09:40,

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