DIY – Slovenian Easter Eggs

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Many Slovenian families in Australia are still keeping the traditional dyeing of Easter eggs. By one of the method colour is obtained using onion skins. Beautiful decoration is made by placing flowers and leaves of plants on eggs as a natural “stencilfixed with old tights.

I had an opportunity to actively participate the preparation of the Easter eggs. It was interesting to observe how the mother and her sister were carefully placing flower leafs on the eggs while mother’s daughter were searching for new motifs on the Internet. Oh no it is not an easy way to cut the motive from a palm leaf. But we did it. 🙂

In fact that a similar tradition of dyeing eggs can be found in Armenian heritage more than two thousand kilometres from Slovenia shows us how difficult or even senseless is sometimes to say that certain tradition belongs only to one particular country.

Irrespective of whether the tradition is Slovenian, Armenian, or is a part of identity of any other countries, the most important is to maintain this valuable knowledge which as a great source of inspiration leads us to new inventions. Even if its “only” (by the way, I love this machine) the EggBot, an open-source art robot for drawing on eggs and a popular tool at various makerspace workshops for kids. However, one day… some of these kids will be important scientists, engineers, designers and artists who will understand the importance of old traditions for their work.

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