Slovenian Gingerbread Lect Heart in 3D


Slovenian gingerbread (lect) made in Australia
on Sketchfab

The lect heart is a traditional Slovenian gingerbread, especially known in Slovenj Gradec and in Radovljica where you can also find the Lectar Gingerbread Museum. The lect (licitar) is also known in Croatia.

The Gingerbread craft from Northern Croatia is on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage for Croatian culture. Click on the picture above to examine an interactive 3D model of a lect heart.

The heart, 3D digitised using an esay-to-use free “photogrametry” application 123D Catch and a smartphone camera (Samsung A5), is posted in order to stimulate your imagination about the abilities of digital tools. Do you think that one day we will be able to taste and smell an interactive 3D model like this above?

01 05  06

See more images on Flickr

This particular heart, as one of many, was made by Slovenian women in Canberra, Australia, for a celebration of Mother’s Day. A mix of Slovenian and local traditions (such as the preparation of icing for colouring the hearts) were used, showing ingenuity and creativity of the authors. Even more, some new forms emerged as well, demonstrating that old traditions can always be reused in new ways. Why not to invite other ethnic groups in Australia to organise joined creative cooking workshops and thus exchange different experiences ?

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